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Originally Posted by Redpepper
Well the jury is out on that I think. I don't think the monogamous members here would agree
Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG
Some artists paint all humanity with the same color of thier own internal workings...usually because they can't imagine anything different from themselves. That's just as natural as monogamy or non-monogamy
I guess the natural animals that are monogamous go to some pretty fancy schools then

errr...sorry for the hijack...I'm done
Originally Posted by nycindie
GS is talking about natural as opposed to enculturated. Monogamy is taught.
Yes - potential worthwhile hijack ! I don't know if we have a thread focused on this or not. If not maybe we should. It's a VERY important topic/concept.

But yes, although it is a broad, sweeping generalization, the jury is in fact "IN" from an overall perspective. And of course there are always exceptions to any general rule but an exception doesn't make a rule.

If anyone is interested in going there - we should ?

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