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A Master/slave dynamic changes all of the rules and only you and your Master know what the rules are that are agreed to in your Master/slave dynamic.

Without that information-no one can really answer your questions.

I am a Mistress with a slave. I maintain very strict rules about what is or isn't acceptable from ME as well as from him.
However, that's a choice I make-not that he makes.

It's a personal choice for me that I want my slave to be enriched by our dynamic. However, in the strictest terms, once you are a collared slave, you have no rights.

NOW-I KNOW that people would argue (and I'm one of those people) that if the relationship isn't safe then that all goes out the window-but that's a matter of choice on YOUR part as to what type of M/s relationship dynamic YOU have agreed to.

In the strictest definitions of M/s, a Master can do as they wish and a slave has no say/so.
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