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First off, I can't comment on the M/s relationship as I have very little understanding of it.

Originally Posted by angelMO View Post
i was supposed to have 1 to 2 years with my Master alone for trust and healing to come about.
Did he break a prior agreement or was this just your expectations?

no one talked to me ahead of time about the collar.... i knew it was something that was desired but it did not need to happen on my birthday when i was supposed to have a night with Master and wended up just going to bed after He played with her. i am sorry i felt robbed.
This just sounds cruel and deliberate on his part. To me this has nothing to do with poly and everything to do with your choice in a Master.

If a Master says it is a certain girls night for play ... and she decides to go out somewhere because she is being nice to her sister so she can have time to talk about the decision to be collared and knowing how one needs to talk the day after a good beating and then Master decides to have sex with the girl .... does one not have the right to be upset about it.
I have no idea what you just said here.
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