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Default Kevin T's Personal Summary

About me:

My name is Kevin T.
My handle is kdt26417.
I registered on on April 11, 2012.
I am a cisgender heterosexual man in his late 40's.
I am married to LL, and handfasted to BH and SB.
I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

About my handle:

My initials are KDT.
Suppose KDT is a base-36 number.
Then, 26417 is the base-10 version of that number.
So, my handle is kdt26417.

About my partners and me:

LL is my wife.
BH (brother-husband) is the first leg in an MFM vee.
I am the second leg in that vee.
SB (snowbunny) is the hinge of the vee.
We are polyfidelitous.
We all consider ourselves to be primaries to one another.
We have extended biological families living in many places: Michigan, Utah, Washington State, etc.
We haven't come out to anyone except one friend, one brother, and his wife.

Our birthdates:

I was born in 1965. (Scorpio/snake)
LL was born in 1942. (Capricorn/horse)
BH and SB were both born in 1970. (Taurus/dog)

Our history:

LL and I were married in 1987.
BH and SB were married in 1995.
We all met and became friends soon after.
BH and SB adopted LL and me as family in 2005.
They thus became caregivers for LL, who by then had advanced Alzheimer's.
We all moved from Michigan to New Mexico early in 2006.
BH, SB, and I became a poly unit at about that time.
LL was admitted to a nursing home later that year.
BH, SB, and I handfasted in August of 2009.
We (all 3) live in an apartment together.
I visit LL twice a week.

Our kids:

LL has 5 from a prior marriage.
BH, SB, and I have none.
BH and I are both "snipped," so we remain childless.

We have 1 dog (Sophie, a shnoodle) and 1 cat (Rainee, a Russian blue).

Our tats:

BH has an Adam Ant tribute on his shoulder.
SB has a small dove/rose on her ankle.
LL and I have none.

Our hair color: brown (with a little red).
Our orientation: heterosexual (all of us); arguably heteroflexible.
Our kink: none. Plain vanilla.
Our musical tastes: quite a range.


LL is (was) a football fan.
I am an armchair mountaineer.
BH is a hockey fan/player.
SB is a hiker/camper.


LL is (was) conservative/Republican.
I am liberal/Voluntaryist (was Republican).
BH and SB are liberal/Democrat (but not hardcore).


LL is a Mormon.
I am atheist, but was raised Mormon.
BH is mixed religious; was raised Catholic.
SB is a private believer; her father was an assertive atheist.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INFP (I am Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving).
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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