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Default Getting ready to meet the new girl

Okay, I’ve met her before. She spent a weekend here a couple months ago. But that was before things got significant. And she was a girl that likes to flirt with Lucy. She’s not the only one, so I thought nothing of it at the time. (Well, mostly nothing.)

We’re waiting to discuss the actual terms of engagement in person, but we’ve effectively settled on attempting a triad. Or at least, more than a V and probably(?) without intercourse. So at this point I’ve got this odd blind-date/arranged-marriage type of anticipation going on. They’ve been friends for a while, but the other girl (whom I’ll name Ethel to go with my girl’s alias) lives two hours away.

What’s most surprising to me is that I’m not running around with an endless boner, mounting the neighbors’ patio furniture and what not. I mean, sure, there’s some sexual excitement, and that will probably increase *sharply* as Wednesday night approaches. (She may even get here late enough that she sleeps in the guest bedroom the first night and we have to wait until lunchtime Thursday to have Teh Talk. That would be… maddening.) And then is only here till Friday afternoon.

But so far, it’s mostly a freakish combination of “Will she like me?” and “Like it matters, we’re getting in bed together anyway.” Which is a VERY strange combination of things to experience/think/feel. I’m trying hard not to be a dirty old man about it all, but I gotta tell ya, they’re not making that easy.
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