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Originally Posted by Ready2Fly View Post
I'm not solo--- I'm in a serious relationship with one other person, and I've been in a variety of poly relationships in various capacities in the past.

A tribe is an ideal for both me and my partner. We want friends and lovers around us to and for support. I personally don't distinguish terribly much between friends and lovers. I'd like to have a big house with a lot of people in it to love.

This sounds a lot like my ideal...

I seem to like the idea of calling all relationships 'friendships', and even if not everyone lives together (though that idea is appealing for so many reasons, and maybe sometime I'll post a rant about how badly cities are designed...) people would get together for various fun times.

There are many things about triads and all those small groups that can be nice, but I tend to like groups of friends that are a bit larger. But finding a handful of poly people might not be so easy.

I recently briefly read about Relationship Anarchy, and a lot of it fit with ideas I had been thinking about.
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