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Thank you for the comments, Mohegan.

So, does Karma still have trouble with not feeling needed, since you regained your independence? As much as I know I need develop this greater self-reliance, my own partner has expressed concern that I may grow so needless of him that there's no point in our relationship anymore. That's a long ways away, but I'm also someone who tends to throw myself into a thing completely, and I admit it's possible that I'll end up making him feeling unneeded. How do you balance that out?

And sure, redpepper, I'd be happy to copy to paste my own little list. Thanks for the invitation.

In addition to the things Mohegan and I posted already, I was thinking about one more that's been helping me...

5. Spend quiet time with yourself. Modern life is a cacophony. I don't think I ever realized how little time I spent listening to myself until I started meditating a few months ago. One of the first things I knew I needed was a place of my own, so I converted a room in our house to be reserved for just me, my things, and my activities. Now I look forward to daily samatha sessions in my study, treating it as a chance to observe my thoughts coming and going in the kind of calm atmosphere that doesn't exist anywhere else in my life.
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