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Sorry to be away so long. I am in Florence with Sydney so I haven't been sitting at the computer much.

I've pretty much decided that I am going to just treat people right and let them limit our relationships instead of assuming a limit based on their preconceived lifestyle. I think that a mono partner might be a little wonkey for me though. If my fiancée and other people I love are all happy to share my time and attention and get some fulfillment from other partners then it seems easy to juggle. Someone that expects to just be with me and have all their needs solely met by me, if at all, might find themselves wanting someone that is not also making time for two or three other women on top of work, hobbies, and college. I don't see that as my concern though.

I also have decided that as of right now I agree with the theory that it is ok to keep news about poly quiet until a first date. Most people I know understand that people are not mono on a first date by the very nature of dating. So, that seems like a great way to avoid creeping people out and allows me to explain my lifestyle choice in person.
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