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Wow. I am totally impressed with the responses here.

I was not expecting such a vocal community.

I am not flirting with just anyone in the small town. A couple people caught my attention unexpectedly. As far as the future goes I'll be keeping quiet in the smaller town.

It seems like contradiction, but I am happy just being good friends if someone is not interested in poly. However, I'd prefer they be open to it and we be able to not have that limit. I plan to just live my life and do my part as if they are just a person and ignore the stigma or their professed religon. If they turn down my invitation at some point we will have found the limit on their involvement and I will be happy wherever that line gets drawn.

I think that not persuing monos would reduce my pool of possible friends and lovers. I just really thought it'd be a fun topic to discuss.

What is the conversion rate on mono to poly for those of you that have tried to approach of just plain fell for mono people?

Sorry for spelling errors. I sent this from my phone.
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