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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
You know I have heard this a few times but it bugs me because it places triads on some sort of extra special plane far removed from any other poly people where they have no need of blogs, forums or meet ups at all unlike ALL other poly people!
Well, I often say that kind of thing, but about poly people in general, not just triads. It's my belief that there are many more people out there than we realize, who are happily ensconced in what we would recognize as poly or ethical non-monogamous relationships, who perhaps have never heard the term, or who have no need for online forums and organized meetups. Lots of people have multiple relationships that "just happen," so they don't need all that crap. So, when I read that comment, I took it to mean those folks who are living their lives polyamorously, not just about triads.

Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Or can we simply accept that there are very few functioning ones that last for any length of time?
At least not on those terms that have become stereotyped - the man, woman, and the hot bi babe at their beck and call, and not allowed to be with anyone else. I think there might be a few really successful triads where one or more of the members has relationships with people outside that triad, for example.
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