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But mostly, from the ones I know, it's because they don't give a shit about broadcasting what they're doing. They just live.
You know I have heard this a few times but it bugs me because it places triads on some sort of extra special plane far removed from any other poly people where they have no need of blogs, forums or meet ups at all unlike ALL other poly people! Or can we simply accept that there are very few functioning ones that last for any length of time?

I am sure that there are many triads living happily offline but whyshould their proportions be any different from what we see as the distribution of the different poly configurations online?

When you first get involved in a triad this knowledge can be distressing and you'll try to find ways of making your triad unique and unlikely to follow the usual trend but it just doesn't tend to last for long, as long as all three members accept that they can have great relationships, the problems are with those seeking "their perfect lifelong third".
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