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Originally Posted by PolyPhonic View Post
Have you heard of a book called "The Bell Curve"? ( Do you think that people, due to socio-economic factors, are equally sophisticated in the ghettos of Detroit as they are at Harvard?

Do you think that brains are just...equal? That there is no difference in how they develop around different behavior and environments?[/COLOR]
Yes, I’m aware of the Bell Curve. It’s likely that many people on here are. I wrote a critique of it when doing my postgrad in psychology. I think it’s interesting how people like co-author Murray (who opposes any sort of welfare state or state help for the poor) can find “proof” that people from ethnic minorities are, well, simply, just less intelligent than Westerners. Of course this means there’s no need to have policies to help them do better; they are poor because they’re not as clever and therefore have less of a potential to succeed. Incredible stuff, and on par with the brain size theories which (conveniently) hypothesise that black people and women are less intelligent than white men. I say convenient because, of course, IQ testing – and even the concept of IQ – is a paradigm which was devised and peer reviewed by… white Western men, for the most part. The fact that the sort of knowledge and skill tested is socially and culturally relative, and that they are not even considering the equal validity of other forms of knowing or understanding in other parts of the world is incredible… well, I could go on, but I won’t. Because as has been rightly pointed out this is a forum about polyamory.

But I will add this: it seems to me that Evan is a essentially a polygamist, not a polyamorist. Nothing wrong with that, but it is different.
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