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Originally Posted by PolyPhonic View Post
Do you think it's better for people to presumptuously call another a supremacist under the guise of "if so"? NYC didn't even wait to get an answer back about whether or not I meant "being the 'cultured westerner' who would save them from themselves". She/He just launched into his/her presumption calling me all kinds of bigoted words. I don't need to "lord over" that, or be "genetically predetermined" to say that NYC was disrespectful. And I do so, so she/he can have either better restraint in the future, or more respectful communication.
I'd like to see a photo of you and your staff atop your glorious island estate with you holding up a paper bearing today's date and a piece of paper with your username written on it. Toss in your GF and some of the kiddies as gravy.
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