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TGIB and I definitely have "types": the similarities between myself and his other female friends, even his ex get scary sometimes. But the same can be said for similarities between MC and TGIB, and both of them compared to other male friends of mine.

Neither MC nor TGIB are into super-skinny girls. Both of them like curves (which is good for me!) and we all like geeky, intelligent people. Beyond curves, I don't think MC or TGIB has a physical type. I tend to like brunettes with glasses (glasses have ALWAYS done it for me!) but I can't figure out if the "brunette" part of that came in to being BECAUSE that's what MC is. It seems to me that I liked a lot more blondes and redheads pre-MC than I do now!

I don't like really masculine men or really girlie girls. I seem to like most those people who are somewhere in the middle and have a balance between their masculine and feminine sides. I'm not a girlie girl myself. While I can enjoy dressing up, makeup, etc I've also always been fairly aggressive and tomboyish. Both MC and TGIB are manly without being in-your-face masculine.

So I guess it's good that MC has never felt threatened by people being similar to him, because it has happened a LOT over the years!
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