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JJ doesn't have another partner besides me, but looking at the women he finds interesting/pretty, they seem quite different from me. They're mostly classical beauties whereas I look more eccentric. I'm short and curvy and I have piercings, tattoos and a constantly changing, usually short, hair. Also, the other women are usually older than me, closer to JJ's own age or even older than him. I'm 6 years younger than him. This doesn't really bother me, because I'm confident in how I look. If he stays with me, he must be somewhat attracted to me, so I don't mind that he likes other types as well.

Rory's other partner is a man so it's difficult to compare. But I think her taste in women is really varied. When we look at random women together, we do find quite a lot of things we both like, but when it comes to women she's actually interested in, there really isn't a physical type. They've all (that I know of) been quite different. I think for her it really is more about what's on the inside, more so than for anyone else I know, myself included.
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