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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Um, wait, so, what about Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, the original unicorn hunting threesome of the Old Testament???

Also, are the friend and Bear anti-gay? Cuz I've only ever heard anti-gay people use the "Adam and Eve, so ___" argument. My only response is, like, "Adam and Eve didn't have cell phones, so we shouldn't either!!! Are you freaking serious?" Bleh.

Nah, Bear knew from the get-go that I'm bi and has never had a problem with it. I certainly wouldn't have married him without telling him! LOL

And yes, there are LOTS of instances of polygamy in the OT, and I have a really hard time believing that none of Solomon's 400 wives and 700 concubines never developed relationships with one or more of the other women. I have a hard time believing that he only had one woman at a time in his bed!

Oddly enough, our friend isn't anti-gay. He's all over gay rights. We have a mutual friend that's MtF and a lesbian. I think the problem is that Bear and I have been put on a pedestal and aren't "allowed" to engage in practices that he might find "immoral".
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