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Originally Posted by StarTeddy View Post
Well, the thing is, I wouldn't mind cuddling or holding hands or maybe even kissing, but the feeling is a kind of light, sweet and airy (if that makes any sense), and it's not passionate. He's very kind, polite and gentle and I don't want to "tarnish" him with sexual feelings. (Though there do exist people I want to do that to...hehe)
Ok :-)

Originally Posted by StarTeddy View Post
In this case, I feel like "love" and "sex" are different from each other. Or maybe this is also friendship and I never knew it could also be like this? I don't think friends would want to cuddle and hold hands though.

But I think he's really more of an exception...I've never really felt like that about anyone before, and with most of the people I've ever been interested in (which...have been many) I've felt sexual feelings alongside the romantic ones. Whether I actually want to have sex with them is a different matter entirely.
Ok. I think that in mainstream society, cuddling is generally reserved for sexual relationships, but I also think that it occupies something of a grey zone, which is why there are such things as cuddle parties.

Out of curiosity, am curious whether the avatar in your pic comes from an anime or if it's non related to that type of motion picture.
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