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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
when you put it so ugly...jeez. replace fuck with love. Or even take the sentence out seeing as how I'm pretty sure it doesn't usually go down like that. At least, not for me anyway.
I meant no disrespect RPCrazy, but the thing is no matter how it is presented, to most mono partners it is going to come down to the visual of thier partner fucking somone else. If they don't get over that blunt sweaty physical aspect of it then they will probably have a hard time being fully happy.

I am merely trying to put it as bluntly as it would probably hit any monos heart and mind. There is beauty in multiple relationships for some, but that beauty is not seen/desired or possible for everyone. To some it is an "ugly" thing.

No person should live in self denial from anything healthy. I would imagine denying being poly is like being crushed, but I would assume that a mono hearing that their previously monogamous partner needs/wants to be intimate with others is like getting hit in the chest with a sledge hammer. In fact I can speak with some experience on this as my ex-wife once explored bringing a woman into her life. I have changed a lot since then but the feeling will never be forgotten.

Again, no disrespect intended my friend.

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