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I was concerned that the woman Brad asked out would think that I vetoed her. I figured she would be hurt that he changed his mind but I wondered if she would be hurt and possibly pissed off at the assumption that she was vetoed by me and my metamour. It turned out she was.

I spent some time with her last night at a social event and it seemed evident that she was hurt and apprehensive about where she stands with me and my metamour. Thankfully Brad went and saw her today armed with the knowledge that I was concerned about how she would feel and that I was concerned that she didn't have a place in our community and especially the women's community here. He did a great job of reassuring her and letting her know that he made the decision and that we had not done it for him. He decided what he would do and let her know that the two of us would of rose to the occasion to welcome and accept her as best we could. He hadn't brought it up with us first and he let her know that he should of planned his asking her out better.

I am hoping that she felt more confident after that and understands that it wasn't a personal thing towards her. He got a bit of a scolding from her for not having talked to us first. Something he also added that he let her know he dropped the ball on.

I feel as if we got over a hump lately because of this situation. I wasn't feeling connected or that he understood his importance in my life and now I see that he does. I am not entirely sure that he is finished with the whole thing forever, but at least I feel confident that he will let me know if his feelings start up for her.
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