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Of course, we only know what you tell us, but this latest development:

That feeling of a magic connection gone. I am glad we had that for a long time. I'm fine still and I am happy but I have my moments of missing it and anger with him that he took it away. He says I took it from him long ago and he has been wondering why he is with me ever since.
...sounds like just the NRE has worn off and things have gotten real at last. It's been what, four years for you two, and this "magic connection" has been in flux for what, a year or so, give-or-take? That sounds about right for NRE, perhaps yours lasted longer than most (6 months - 2 years average, they say?). To me as an observer who doesn't spend time with the two of you and cannot observe your body language, etc. your mood comes across as someone who just ran out of happy-pills and is going through a post-drug-withdrawal depression. That is what it is, isn't it? NRE gives you the "high" of endorphins and when it's taken away you feel pretty shitty. I don't know what your brain chemistry is like, but maybe you can transfer that effect from person to person, maybe not. It doesn't seem like you have/had that same intensity with your other recent partners, but perhaps you did and I just didn't read up on that part.
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