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Well, my date night this Friday was supposed to be an after hours picnic at a beautiful recreation center. Cheap wine, a few goodies to go with it, a blanket, and a starry sky. But unfortunately it's raining! So we are doing an indoors picnic instead. It sounds like you have a day date. I enjoy picnics in the park. I like smaller parks with less people because I like to swing.

One of the best dates I've ever been on was my fiance took me to a local bakery that had a few tables and a giant assortment of mini cakes, pastries, and fruit tarts. I'm a big foodie and for less than 20 bucks we ate our hearts out. It was fun tasting one and being like omg you have to try this! Or even the ones we didn't like the other would still taste and we got to enjoy each others reactions. Taking turns feeding each other ect ect. It was a really sweet date. No pun intended.

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