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Default New To This and Needing Help

I've been in a monogamous relationship for 3 years with my now fiance. Long story short, I met a guy I work with and he reminds me of my fiance, very sweet, easy to talk to, very loving, and poly. Poly itself intrigues me and there are some things my fiance is uncomfortable doing intimately that I will NOT force him to do. I just wanted to see what this "other side" is like, and when I talked with my fiance openly about it and how I feel and what I wanted, he gave me permission that I have continually asked if he is okay with it.

My fiance is the only man I've ever been intimate with and he said he "understands my desire to explore". I really do love my fiance- but this "love" with the gent I work with is a more emotional connection than anything.

Even with his permission I still feel like I'm.... not doing anything wrong, but that I'm taking two people for granted I guess. I do have some feelings for the guy I work with but I believe those stem from how much he reminds me of my fiance (also the fact that my fiance and I are going through a dry spell/rough patch).

Is there anything I should be aware of, or anything I should do with this that I may not already be doing? It doesn't feel like I'm cheating in the slightest, and i've been the "other woman" on that side of things before without knowing it until it was almost too late. I'm not going through that emotional trauma again. At least with poly I can be open and honest.

Any advice for me on this one?
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