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Sad..........just sad.
But it points out one of the biggest threats to humanity right now.
Ignorance and religious indoctrination. The whole world is at war right now (internally and externally) over the concepts surrounding faith (blind) and the scramble for power.

Scary to think that there are millions of people out there right now that are sitting back, listening to this ignorant kind of ranting and rambling and actually giving it some credibility ! They are incapable of critiquing something as obviously ignorant as this.

And I mean "ignorant" in the true sense of the term. This poor soul (whoever he was) is obviously so lacking in intelligence & education that he's a danger to himself and anyone who would listen to a word he says !

For those that see beyond it - it is laughable. But when you finally stop laughing you get really worried ! These people can vote. Then can hold office. They can be responsible for life/death decisions.


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