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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
You were a JW; my husband was raised as one too. He refers to it as a "cult". He hits the "off" switch as soon as he hears the word "god" whether it's attached to hatefulness or not. Religion or any sort of spirituality is something he will not discuss. He gets very uncomfortable and squirmy and asks me to stop if i try to have a conversation about it with him (I'm not even religious but I do go to church services and functions once in a while for different reasons - but not JW). He says he is dealing with it in his own way. It's almost like a childhood trauma.
Sigh... This makes me sad. Yes I was. And I've been where he has been. Each congregation has it's own level of "cultness." I was lucky because my father was not JW so I had access to the outside world. Also in my last years I moved to cali and the congregation there was... So different. It was so not... Culty (I know I'm making up words.) The trauma isn't easy to explain to others. The way I dealt with is is 1) avoid all attatchments to religon. 2) I broke down the beast, as I like to say. Does he know that Charles Taz Russel was a habadasher in the late 1800s? A freaking mens accessory maker! I pulled up JW and charles taz russell on wikipedia and I just couldn't believe it. It really helped! 3) I made peace with the fact that this happened to me. (I say it like that because for some of us... It changes you. It damages you.) And I accepted that there was no changing the past. I'm free of it and I am safe and happy. and I forced myself to find the positive out of this experience... That took alot of digging, but there were some. Big huggs to him from me just to let him know he's so not alone. There are also support groups online. I lurked for a long time. But beware of the extremist anti JW websites. They are just as delusional.
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