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I like your poem. I can see that you feel a little tore up in a way, wanting a little more time with your "main squeeze" but unable to get it because of her responsibilities to her family, and then to have that interfere with your date with the long-distance lady on top of it.

I'm sooo bad at appreciating what I have. My mind's a little better at it these days, but in my heart I'm always so full of worry and wistfulness I'm often not *there* and *present* like I should be.

I hope that someday things will somehow change a little so you can at least spend *some* of the nights with your girlfriend sometimes. Maybe that's a conversation to have someday (or has it already been tried).

Everyone needs a "bed buddy." My Lady is not with me tonight, but my cat usually joins me and she's a good friend. Sometimes it helps just to know that you're not alone.
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