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We text. Usually a couple hundred every day. We find a lot to talk about. I know though when she's busy and try not to interrupt her particularly when she's with her husband. She texts me anyway. It was funny tonight. I was out with my daughter who was busily texting her friends. I looked at my phone and said, "There's nobody texting me. My gf hasn't even texted in five hours." Right then she texts me. Synchronicity.

I haven't seen her since Thursday though. Her inlaws are in town and when they are, she can't get away. She can't get away near often enough (although she comes over every day when she can) and never for long enough. Oh we've had three to four hours together at a time and after she told him about us, she started staying longer.

She amazes me more all the time. I guess I still find it hard to believe that she even likes me much less the lengths she's gone through to have me in her life. I don't know what to do. Enjoy, right? It's bittersweet. Like I said the other day, I really want to sleep and dream with her and I'm totally jealous that your girl alternates.

It's also frustrating that liking her disrupted my feelings for someone else. If she could be with me more and didn't also have someone else, she would be enough. I mean she is just what I was looking for, who I was looking for. Obviously, she's not here tonight but so much on my mind that I have to resort to this forum to let it out. Maybe I should write some more love poetry.

Sulfurous sentiments
sweetly seduce
soaked seductress.
Sexuality sails
steamy seas
stirring synchronicity.
Satisfaction swelters,
sultriness succeeds,
sweat soaks.

Crisp cold cubes
chill churlishly.
Cold caring
creates cusp,
causes cheer,
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