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Thanks, the mojo does continue. The woman who I met at the gathering (the nursing mother) will be here in three hours. My girlfriend seems to be fine with this. Talking with her husband seems to have solidified our relationship. I feel very strongly for her. In fact, trying to think about the woman who will be here later and who wants to sleep with me, well I thought about my girl instead. Here I'm trying to imagine those large chocolate melons and the thought was quickly replaced by an image of my girlfriends little pale limes and the beatific expression she gets when we are together. Yeah, I love her but I still make connections and now here one comes. Writing about it, it becomes clear to me that I fear losing my gf. I want to love freely but a large part of me would forgo other affections for her.

Anyway, this other woman is also married in what she says is a sexless relationship. I told her about my girlfriend and that she's primary to me but that she would give us our space (per agreement with gf). I don't know what to expect. We both wish we had slept together. We bonded, we fooled around a little, and she has time to drive 1000 miles out of her way to see me again before returning to the SE. I'm flattered that she thinks enough about me to come. She also is someone who fulfils one of my long time fantasies. I'm having the time of my life, just amazed at the magic flowing.

ATTN moderators: can I move this whole thread to the diary/blog section?

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