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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
What is a "monogamist threesome relationship"?
A poly-fi triad, maybe?

Being single, atm, JesusPants, the quickest way to go about becoming a member of a poly-fi triad (a relationship where three people are equally involved with each other sexually and romantically and not involved in that way with anyone else outside the triad) is to seek out a couple who are looking for a unicorn. Do a tag search on 'unicorn' and 'triads' to find out more! Your sexual orientation sets out the parameters of your search, but be forewarned - unicorn-hunt can be tiring both for the couple hunting AND the unicorn who waits for someone to lasso them . So many people eventually end up cultivating individual relationships in a formation commonly called a 'vee', which sometimes may transition into triads.
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