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Default Just what Iím looking for

Originally Posted by CuriousityNChance View Post
Hi everyone,

My name is Dale and my best-friend and I are looking for a woman that we can both get to know and fall in love with. We are straight, but we did fall in love with each other and have a sexual relationship. We don't consider ourselves gay and don't do any pentrative sex other than oral, which is why we'd like a woman that we can both love, live with and eventually have kids with. I'm a 29 y.o. Agnostic black man and he's a 21 y.o. Atheist white man and we'd be looking for a woman from early to mid 20's (race and religion not important).
We both like to travel ALOT and see different parts of the world. And we're both the outdoors adventurous type. I don't expect this to get me anywhere but I figured at least say I tried

Thanks and have a great day/night

Hey! I know itís been a few years I was wondering where you guys are now ?
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