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This thread seems to have gotten sidetracked....

I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the original poster, Snow.

Thanks for sharing! Your approach makes sense to me. I too feel that wanting casual sex with friends you care about (which is not remotely the same as seeking casual hookups with strangers!) is part of what has led me to exploring polyamory.

I'm still learning about different types of polyamory and/or other forms of non-monogamy, and trying to figure out which form would work best for me.

I'm identifying as non-monogamous right now, rather than the more specific label "poly," because falling in love or being in love isn't that important to me. I fall in love very rarely.

But I think there is a whole range of "feelings" that include varying degrees of tenderness, caring, emotional intimacy, friendship, attraction and/or sexual connection--which I experience even when I don't fall in love.

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