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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
serialmonogamist, please take your attitudes about what women want to another board. The women here are polyamorous (or partnered with polys at least) and are not interested in relationships with cheaters.

I should think that would be obvious, but apparently not, and you are coming across as a troll.

Women, and men, here, are not looking for casual hookups with cheaters, so your observations are superfluous, to say the least.

Also, saying women should dress unattractively so men won't look at them is quite insulting. You're implying we should all have stringy greasy hair and dress in ill fitting rags and never wear makeup? How about a full coverage burka? Would that help your inescapable lust?
Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Come on Mags, it's our own damn fault we get raped.
I'm not implying anything and I'm not trolling. You're implying that I can't put things I've heard up for discussion because they may resonate with mono culture? Please let me make one thing clear: if I state something that I've heard or that I think, it's just that, hearsay or a (subjective) thought. I am not claiming to be an authority on women generally because I don't believe that women (or men) are not unique individuals. If there is a gendered difference between women and men where attraction to self-confidence is involved, it probably has to do with the fact that a masculine culture has developed where men are attracted to female vulnerability and weakness instead of feeling threatened by it, while another (complementary) culture of femininity has developed in which women seek confidence and strength and eschew the idea of playing strong leader to a man's weak follower-ness. This is not something that defines individuals of either sex because of their sex. It is a culture of heteronormativity that has been challenged and transcended in many ways by many but also continues to survive and be practiced by many (many people do both in various ways). So while the reality is very complex, I don't really feel like writing a PhD dissertation in every post so excuse me if I come across sounding sexist or otherwise offensive, dumb, etc. sometimes. If you avoid assuming my beliefs based on stereotypical assumptions about implications of things I'm discussing, you might see that I am investigating these things to understand them better and go deeper than the tiresome stereotypes we're all too familiar with.

To clarify regarding what I said about making oneself look attractive is that the point of it is to look attractive, which has the effect of attracting. That doesn't imply women (or men) should avoid looking attractive unless you consider it a negative thing to (try to) look attractive. I wouldn't imply that anyone SHOULD behave in anyway except by saying explicitly what I think, and then I would still view it as my opinion only and I would not assume that anyone is going to do what I say because I say they should. People are free to make their own choices. I'm free to say what I think. Why is their any assumption of power to control/manipulate others? Isn't it possible to discuss things without it having automatic implications and prescriptive effects?
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