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Are you friends with the new gal, Chase, or just aquaintances?

Although all of my lasting "romantic" involvements, thus far, have moved rather quickly from new friendship status to romantic involvement, I'd still recommend cultivating a friendship before even considering "romantic" involvment. I'd approach the new gal with the offer of friendship, and as your friendship begins to develop, and trust and rapport is established, then you can let her know that you're polyamorous. Then you can see how she feels about polyamory. Then, if you're still "romantically" interested in her after some time of being friends, with her knowledge of your polyamory, you can see if maybe she'd be interested in exploring a more "romantic" connection with you.

We're very fortunate to live at a time when guys and gals can be friends -- "just" friends. And if the friendship wants to later include kisses, it can include kisses, and if it wants to... -- well it can include that, too. And at some point you find that you're still friends, but not "just" friends.
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