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I am "single" woman dating someone already in a marriage for the last year. K is the V. I have been reading these boards for some time now. I am having some difficulties that I have discussed with my partner "K". I dont know how to change it bc i feel my feelings are being brushed off. You see the three of us do everything together. There is never any alone time. I make sure they get their aline time. We dont go anywhere unless the other half is also there. K rarely wants to sleep with me bc K feels bad that the other half will feel jealous or left out. I have been begging K to do something with me those 2 - 3 days a week I see K. now i am seeing a little resentment and anger coming from k towards me for speaking up. im at a loss. I love this person. I want a real date with k. Its suffocating me.
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