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The timeline gets vague here as night has run in to day and arguments and lies have all run together. This will be our fourth day of working through this. At this point I have broken off all physical contact, demanded STD testing and started the process of dissolving our marriage.

After intensive questioning, some hours later or the next day I'm not sure which, veganchick finally confessed to "some attempted" oral sex. She was also still clinging to the "sort of naked" line of shit! She maintained that Paul could not perform and therefore "nothing REALLY happened". We left it with that, our marriage shattered and crumbling and with veganchick pleading for forgiveness and another chance. I was doubtful of the story, but still not realizing the extent of the lies.

The next morning I started to open up about how deeply hurt I was. I could only assume that veganchick had been as truthful as possible, considering she was begging forgiveness and desperately trying to save our relationship. Unfortunately, truth and honesty seem to be something she has completely lost the ability to comprehend!!!

With doubts still in hand, I reluctantly began to offer more direct questions. The lies continued but at last it SEEMED that everything finally came out. There had been days of oral sex, both giving and receiving, but veganchick had not orgasmed and Paul couldn't get it up therefore "nothing had happened". (Before I could get this posted I learned that veganchick had lied to Paul at the time and told him she did orgasm.)
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