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Not sure if it was before or after the kissing revelation, but we would meet one of Paul's other lovers at the Mother Earth News Fair. I'll call her Meghan. Meghan had briefly caught my eye at the earlier Intentional Communities Conference, but I didn't know who she was or anything about her at the time. It turns out that she lives in a neighboring commune to Paul and they meet frequently for sex, they are fuck buddies and not much more.

As we parted company with Meghan, I had a close and tight hug with her and at least for me there was some chemistry and excitement in that. She is beautiful and shaped just the way I like. Mainly she has a big round ass, something that physically veganchick can never fulfill for me. Veganchick has long known that and we have talked often about finding ways to fulfill that primal desire for me. Later that night veganchick and I would discuss me and Meghan, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Weren't we just one big happy poly family? The lies continued and another week passed.
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