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Finally this few days, turned to week, turned to 8 days trip was over. Veganchick returned home glowing with lively hippie commune inspired energy. She was more beautiful to me than ever. I told her so. We made love with renewed passion and couldn't get enough. I was seeing the results of her freedom in all the ways I had hoped for. Everything was perfect, our vision of life together rapidly evolving in to something bigger and better than ever. That is except for the blatant and constant lies and lies to cover up lies.

Immediately on her return home, veganchick offered up once again that "nothing had happened" between her and Paul. I had not inquired and simply assumed that the woman I know so well hadn't gone a week on a commune with a lover and kept her pants on. I was shocked and even a little disappointed at this. As our first solo venture as a poly couple, I had hoped this would be a door-opener for my own desires and passions. While still opening the doors of exploration, it didn't take us past the no solo sex boundary. Oh, so many lies!

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