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Apparently the sex started within hours of her arrival, so much for wrapping your head around something emotionally before diving right in. But with a swinging background, I guess it wasn't really too far out of line. (Or unexpected for that matter.) Of course, I didn't know that this was already pre-planned, I just know veganchick!

There was a roadblock though, Paul was having some anxiety about his new relationship and could not maintain an erection. This makes safe sex more difficult, so it was abandoned for three days of full-on unprotected oral sex. I didn't hear much from veganchick these first few days, guess it's hard to talk with a dick in your mouth? Fast forward to the present and veganchick now can't remember if Paul was wearing a condom when he came in her mouth, or if she swallowed his cum. This after already confessing to both versions? Hm, lies and deceit continuing even now?

By the fourth day I started to hear from veganchick most evenings, she was really enjoying the community and had a kid in a candy store outlook on all the cool people there. She was having an amazing time and I was happy for her. She told me how much she missed me and wished I was there with her.

She told me that there wasn't any chemistry between her and Paul, that "nothing had happened" between them. The lies were really beginning to take shape even as the sex was over. Due mostly to anxiety and family pressures on Paul's part (his wife is polyamorous as well and they have a young child), there wouldn't be any more sex for the rest of the trip. At least that's the current state of what I can discern from the lies and deceit.

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