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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I've seen it discussed quite a lot here that people want to meet their partner's prospective love interests before things go further than friendship to be able to alert their partner to possible negative influences (cowboys/girls ect). It got me thinking that this isn't something that single people do. They don't have a friend to come along to offer an outside opinion before they decide to date someone.
I don't know if I'd agree completely with that. It's not a totally foreign concept. Certainly many single folks, the kind that like to hang out in a crowd, want their friends to meet and give opinions on new potential romances. Probably lots of young single people do, as it seems nowadays young people sort of "date" in big groups. I never would have let a friend make a decision for me of course, but vetting... yeah, I did it when I was single. The ol' jab in their side when my date goes to the rest room and me saying, "So! What do you think?" And I do remember many conversations among my friends and me about new budding romances and how to watch out for this or that.

That being said, the whole idea of couples doing it and having veto power or one thinking he or she knows better than their partner does on who to have relationships with just rankles me to no end.
Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
My partners have shown themselves to be responsible adults capable of making their own decisions. I'm pretty sure that if someone was destructive towards them or disrespectful towards me that it would be addressed with the new person that they were dating.
After reading some of the melodramas we see here so often, I sometimes I think there should be either a maturity test or a sanity test to pass before entering into poly relationships.
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