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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ok, so you're all making the transition from swinging to being poly. I was going to ask why your "oh" thought it necessary to lie about being in love with the gf, but now it makes sense. Many swingers actively take steps to prevent loving their sexual playpartners. So when it happens, they do get thrown!

I do feel it is my fault, I wanted to be alone with my now bf because I prefer 1on1 and don't like seeing my oh and her together, they make me feel like I shouldn't be there and they lean over me to kiss and hold hands so I feel in the way and move and then I am told I am making a scene x

But in the poly world, lying, and lack of using barriers for sex (unless everyone has been tested and all agree to it), are 2 big no-no's! Lying about lack of condom use is the worst! Not just because of pregnancy risk, but for preventing diseases. Surely you all know this.

yes we all know this, the girl says she was stupid but she is glad she was stupid with my oh, she talked about getting pregnant by my oh and her bf wouldn't mind and she never thought about me minding but yes sti are more important than getting pregnant and me and oh have been tested and we are clean.

So, the bf has never been informed about that time your "oh" and gf went bareback? And since you say your oh lies a lot, are you sure he still *IS* using condoms with the gf everytime they have intercourse?

Been tested for STIs lately?
I will never truly know about this ^^^^^, I know when I am there when they have sex they use condoms....
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