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Default fed up!

me and my oh are fighting again, we are in a relationship with another couple, the boy from the couple wants to slow things down.. work on the emotional side of our relationship so he can work out how he feels (which is great)

we all talked about slowing everything down and when my bf and our gf are together they will slow things down and not sleep together like me and the other bf.

my oh will do anything to make his relationship with our gf happy and dandy and will lie to do so, I am upset because he won't have sex with me but can with her, our gf said she would say she won't have sex with him but she knows what he is like and she has to do it so she can have a chat with him cos he is sex mad and its easier to get it over and done with. he will have sex with her but not I not sexy enough, fun enough?

i wish we all could be happy at the same time!
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