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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
I fell in love 5 days after talking with someone on the internet. I've never put my toes anywhere near Internet dating. We were introduced via a mutual friend to facilitate a discussion about music. At no stage before we met would I have used the term "boyfriend", but my friends used that word. I used the word "lover" as it was clear love was in abundance. Guess it took 2.5 months for us to meet face to face.... We are the extremes of LDR. Takes 24 hours and thousands of dollars for either of us to go from one hemisphere to the other.

And yet we do. Often. For months on end.

I knew this at 5 days. They have had 4 months. Feelings can be real and valid in a LDR with little or no face to face. It's not wise to be so dismissive of possibilities...

That aspect in itself is not enough to throw the baby out with the bath water..
Similar situation here. It took me maybe, two weeks. We met in person just over a month after initial contact. I didn't call him my boyfriend either.

My thing with this is, poly could not even come up as a possibility at that stage, a point where we hadn't even established much with one another beforehand.
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