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Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
, but sometimes i feel as if a small tessera is missing..
got it:
yesterday a friend told me that he read in an anthropology book (sorry i can recall the writer name, i'll ask again) researchers' results about telepathy among Australian Bushmen:
as long as we keep opened and naked (no, not in that sense) we "manage" to "communicate" with our closest ones without words (and somehow without even the intention to it) "Stepping" through a web which connects minds and souls, space and time; as soon as we feel we have to "hide" something to our beloved and non-beloved ones, this kind of chemical/electrical connection "expires"; i add that the same may happen in terms of Presence and of Growing as Humans: hiding "covers up" beautiful and non-beautiful "things" so that we don't feel at ease anymore.

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