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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Yes, me and my "always". I have yet to be messaged by a woman....for anything.....where she is the initiator. Oh well. I am not usually attracted to women who are not "feminine", so I guess I have to simply be more assertive.
Well there is probably one of your issues right there. The law of averages may be so, but you are a alternative thinking guy, in a alternative-type relationship. You need to *surprise* ! ....look at alternatives, in your 'usual' thought processes.
You will only live up to your own low expectations if you run with the law of averages. Equating f'eminine' with 'initiation' is a good way to eliminate people.

You have put 100% of people into one category. According to you, you have a 100% failure rate.

I`m not exactly hard on the eyes, (by 'feminine' standards) and I usually prefer to be the approacher in getting to know people. Rare ? Maybe.
Maybe not as rare as people who stick to averages may think ? I know at least 2 other women who are just like this.


Reading this thread is very interesting. I really wonder if the cynical, tired-of-peoples-shit, attitudes draws exactly the wrong people ?

As long as someone tries to be polite to me in a message, I`ll respond. Even if it wasn`t what I was looking for, or someone obviously didnt read my profile.
Due to how some people respond from that, I have a bit more faith in humanity on dating sites

Here is a recent example :

Hi, I'm going to be in town next week. Are you interested in getting together?

B. Sent from the OkCupid app
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Message from B*****

May 13, 2011 – 1:50pm
Take care, have fun.

May 13, 2011 – 5:57pm
My appologies. I thought for sure your profile said you were into to casual sex. Clearly I was my mistaken. I also didn't notice that you were married. Wow, was I half asleep when I messaged you? Sorry about that. Thanks for replying and being politie about it. Happy fishing. I hope you find what you're looking for.




So maybe he hoped being polite might make me feel bad,...maybe not. Maybe it was genuine. Either way,..does it matter ? I can choose to hold on to the negatives of any interactions, until they accumulate in my head, or I can choose to hold onto the positives, and run with that.

Here is one that is kinda funny, received today.......
No woman on this site has ever done this to me but after sitting
here for about an hour sweating, and hard as a rock I have decided
I want to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown
you are. (what kind of lotion do you use by the way? your legs look
like they were crafted by Aphrodites herself). So I invite you to
take a look at my profile and if I have a similar effect on you
message me back.
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^^ I`ll probably answer in a cheeky way, and have fun with it. Be clear I`m not interested, but at least he had a response, and I got a laugh. He might be experimenting, hoping to start something based on shock value, but there is no law that says I have to respond after I have said no. Anyhow, thats my thoughts on the subject.

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