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Default Long distance love

I searched the forum and haven't found a topic solely on this, so I'm starting one. (Hopefully I've searched thoroughly enough).

I just got off the phone with Nerdist and we talked a little bit more about what we would like with each other if I do indeed move away. In my heart, I'm feeling most like I want to move back to where I lived before. It worked for me there.

I've seen a few people mention that they're in long-distance poly relationships and I'd love to hear about how they work for you. Neither Nerdist nor I have been in a long distance relationship, so we don't really know how to go about it.

It's a 10-ish hour trip and there's a very good rideshare board from there to here. It's feasible to spend some time together throughout the year. We also talked about agreeing upon how often to phone/email each other. I know I'd feel more connected if I knew that we had time reserved for talking with each other and catching up.

What other agreements do people have that make LDRs more smooth? How do you handle them? What benefits do you get from your relationship if regular physical intimacy isn't possible?
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