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Default Finding a new relationship discreetly

I have been married for just over a year to a girl who is poly, I've known this since we met, I am Mono & fine with that for now.

My wife has always had lovers who she would see infrequently, once every 3-6 months. We've also experimented with her having one night stands but that didn't work out.

We have a clear set of rules to follow when my wife has another person in her life but right now she does not have any lovers. So we're going through a transition period, the problem is that she has been going out once or twice a week looking to meet another guy, this is killing me. She goes out dances, flirts & gets numbers from guys she's interested in, never sleeps with them. Then she will keep in contact with them to see if anything develops. So far after 4 months of this no one has measured up.

I am not comfortable with this method of looking for someone, we try to be discreet when it comes to our relationship but this is leaving a trail where more people are starting to see that we live this life.

What my wife wants is someone she can have a very casual relationship with, probably meeting once a month, I don't want her to find this in a bar. Are there any other avenues to help her with her quest?
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