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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I actually laughed at this; it's so painfully obvious but still needs to be said. What a world.

And using sex as a weapon??? Yah I'm sure that relationship is lots of fun and is going to yield many years of genuine happiness. Not to mention, what kind of a person actually yields to this kind of bullying nonsense? Weak.

Often there is more to it than the "relationship". Particularly when there is a legal "marriage". People agree to things to preserve the tangible and intangible benefits of their partnership. For example, this "you better or else i won't have sex with you" could really mean, "if you want to keep living in this house which is owned by my family and paid for" or something like that.

I am not saying the OP's people are that way; i don't know if they are or not. They could be, it could be some other external first-world reason why people stay with each other even if they are not too happy together. Some people actually ENJOY making each other miserable and fighting all the time, it's virtually impossible to imagine them getting along with each other and/or seeking happiness elsewhere.