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Additionally, if you continue to be in their lives, do not be surprised if sex is not the only she asks to be removed. I have been down this road. First, the wife asked for no sex - it would allay her insecurities. Then she asked for no physical displays of affection whatsoever - a chaste hug might be allowed. And this would allay her insecurities. Then she asked that we not spend any time alone together pursuing our mutual interests / hobbies - interests she did not share with her husband.

Anyway, you get the picture. No matter what she denied us, it was never enough. Eventually, she demanded he quit loving me. How the fuck does one do that?

It was very painful for me (and for each of them as well). I did not know she had veto power when I walked into the situation, and neither did the husband. She had been actively promoting polyamory.

I was absent from their lives for a year, they saw two different marriage counselors, and are now in divorce proceedings.