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Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it. Mustardgreens, what kind of exit strategies do you mean? Any ideas would really help. Honestly, my partners aren't likely to be uncomfortable, as neither of them really cares what my extended family thinks. I care to an extent, though it really depends on which members of my family. The ones who know my fiance and we see for the holidays are the ones I'm closer to, and I want them to be alright with my lifestyle and happy for me. The rest, well, I don't actually care if they don't approve, but I don't want it to cause trouble. If they can keep their opinions to themselves then thats fine, if they try and exclude my family or cause trouble for my partners then thats a whole 'nother story.

I wish there were other memebers of my family I could talk to beforehand, but I don't usually keep in touch with them between family events, so I don't have any emails and phone numbers. Plus, the ones I'm closest to are the ones I'm the most nervous about. I just hope if I do what I usually do and act casual, blunt, and completely natural about all of this that no one will bat and eye.

Any other ideas?
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