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Community......a bit of chosen family in a world where family should mean a lot more than it does to a lot of us.

My chosen family is a very small and select group hand picked by me for their values and traits. People I love unconditionally, who love me unconditionally as well.

To me community is a lot bigger than chosen family. Community is like your church, a place where you go to do activities with a bunch of people who have something in common but you don't necessarily know each other or even like each other very much.

Chosen family though, well chosen family is a few select people with whom you share similar thoughts, values, traits. You are there for each other through everything. Chosen family is people we have chosen to share our lives with and we really and truly like or love each other, not people who happen to share some of the same genes but don't really like each other.

Chosen family is what it sounds like you are talking about Mono, at least to me.
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