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We have and up coming event where by my tersiary is bringing his new lady. My friends that I usually go with have found a whole new realm of kinky peeps to hang with and I am concerned that we will not have anyone to play with or hang out with. I am concerned that I will be jealous of my tersiary's love.... I don't know either if he is interested in her seeing him being dominated by me. What will she think, what will he think?

It looks like just me and Mono are going as my husband isn't interested right now. I am rather limited in who I am able to play with so I don't know how it will go. It will be a dress up event and I am definitely looking forward to dressing up! But I am nervous about possibly approaching new people to ask if I can play with them... I don't want to concern Mono and I don't feel very confident in my skills. There will be a lot of very skilled men there, not so many women, although one in particular is... geesh, nervous.

another thing: why is it that doms have to buy all the shit that goes along with this lifestyle? I can't afford the tools I want to use. I would love to try different peoples stuff to see what I would like to purchase to add to my collection, but it seems that is not appropriate. thoughts?

I also concerned that I will not be respected as a person that does not sub anymore too. We shall see how that goes too.
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